A Crossword Puzzle for Computational Chemists

Test Your Knowledge of the History of Computational Chemistry

1. Most common basis function.
2. Method to obtaining coordinates "in bed".
3. A unit of computer storage.
4. Program predicting partitioning between water and lipid.
5. When daylight comes, you are all ____.
6. Crystallographers' entree into computational chemistry.
7. When Sigma, Pi, and L often get together.
8. Prefix for the drug field.
9. What charge separation in a molecule gives rise to.
10. Initials for large software company and a state high performance computing center.
11. A book series.
12. Experimental method to get distances for modeling proteins.
13. Ab initio program originating from Big Blue.
14. Hartree-Fock.
15. Life is not all fun and ____s.
7. Original software clearing house.
10. Space where electrons travel.
14. Program for post-Hartree-Fock calculations.
16. Mother of PCs.
17. Electrostatic help in holding proteins together.
18. Molecular mechanics.
19. Grouping points in space leads to cluster ____.
20. Measure of similarity.
21. Macroscopic unit of distance.
22. Square root of a square average.
23. Computers before electricity.
24. Workstation manufacturer that swallowed Cray.
25. 1s, 2s, or 2p
26. Units not often used by computational chemists.
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