Gordon Research Conference on Computational Chemistry

Welcome. If you want to attend a Gordon Research Conference (GRC) on Computational Chemistry or if you have attended one in the past, this website is designed for you.


Through the links on this webpage you can see programs of past conferences, conference reports, and photos taken at the biennial conferences. The photos represent a pictorial history of the participants. For identification of individual participants in the group photographs through 1998, see the chapter entitled "History of the Gordon Research Conferences on Computational Chemistry" by D. B. Boyd and K. B. Lipkowitz, in Reviews in Computational Chemistry, K. B. Lipkowitz and D. B. Boyd, Eds., Wiley-VCH, New York, 2000, Vol. 14, pp. 399-439. This chapter also reproduces the 1986 and 1988 programs.

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    The GRC office website has the programs since 1994, although these lack full details for the early conferences. Hence, we provide full details of the programs for early conferences below; these are labeled "Chair's program". We also provide information about the poster papers, which has not previously been available online.

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