Reviews in Computational Chemistry, Vol. 16, Chapter 3 (2000)

Erratum: Use of Force Fields in Materials Modeling

Dr. Joerg-Ruediger Hill
Molecular Simulations, Inselkammerstrasse 1, D-82008 Unterhaching, Germany
and Clive M. Freeman and Lalitha Subramanian
Molecular Simulations Inc., 9685 Scranton Road, San Diego, California 92121-3752, U.S.A.

The following minor clarifications were noticed by the authors:

Page 171, Figure 7, rho_c and rho_o mean something completely different from rho_ij (where _ indicates subscript). The Greek letter for rho_c and rho_o should have been epsilon, so they should read epsilon_c and epsilon_o in the figure and in the caption.
Page 173, next to last line, "and epsilon_i and epsilon_ij are the Lennard-Jones ..." should be "and epsilon_i, epsilon_j, and epsilon_ij are the Lennard-Jones ...".
Page 178, 7th line from the bottom, "La_2-M_xCuO_4" should be "La_2-xM_xCuO_4" (an x was left out).
Page 200, Eq. [43], the rho in the denominator should be rho_ij.

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