Reviews in Computational Chemistry, Vol. 13, Preface (1999)
Erratum: Table 2

In the Preface of Vol. 13, the name of Dr. Caterina Ghio was inadvertently left out at the top of page xii of Table 2. The editors apologize for this omission. In list of the 11,000 most cited chemists, she is ranked 799th with 2520 total citations, 46 cited publications, and 55 citations per publication. [The time period covered by the Institute of Science Information (ISI) data is from 1981 through June 1997.]

We thank Dr. Ghio (ICQEM, Pisa, Italy) for bringing to our attention that if ISI's citation data listed separately for "P. Kollman" and "P. A. Kollman" are combined, then his rank is higher. Combining the data for Prof. Kollman gives 10687 total citations in the time period covered and 165 cited publications, which amounts to 65 citations per publication. This would move him up from 22nd to 11th place in terms of the total number of citations in the ISI rankings.

If any other names are missing from -- or need adjusting in -- the tables of ISI data, the editors hope that our readers will let us know. Thank you.

November 1999

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