C105 Workshops

The C105 Workshops are two-hour active-learning sessions in which students in the course will practice doing challenging problems collaboratively. Chemistry content, communication skills and good teamwork practices will be emphasized in these peer-led sessions and students will be expected to be active participants. The Workshop manual contains all the required Workshop units (do not use workshop books from prior semesters). Each unit contains some descriptive material, a "Self-Test", a "Workshop" section, and a "Post-Workshop Exercises" section.

  1. Students will arrive at class with the Self-Test section already completed. The Peer Leader will record complete Self-Tests at the beginning of the class. Points are assigned for having completed the Self-test (prior to the Workshop session).
  2. During the Workshop Sessions, students will collaboratively complete the Workshop section (do not complete the Workshop part of the Unit prior to the Workshop session). Points are awarded for completing the Workshop during the Workshop session. Points for the Workshop are assigned based on active involvement, participation, and cooperation during the Workshop period.
  3. The final section of each Unit is the Post-Workshop Exercises section. These are completed after Workshop and serve to help review and examine your knowledge of the Unit. No points are assigned for the Post Workshop Exercises.
  4. Attendance is mandatory, and prompt arrival at recitation sections is required for all C105 students. Workshop work cannot be made up. If you ever miss a workshop session due to a legitimate, documentable problem, notify your instructor immediately and provide written documentation justifying the absence.