Workshop Chemistry Program


Watch IUPUI on Inside indiana BusinessWorkshops (or Peer Led Team Learning) are experiences in active learning. Students work together to solve problems and to reveal where difficult or obscure steps might be, allowing them to cooperatively progress through the learning exercise.

It has been demonstrated in many studies on learning that the outcome far exceed the independent learner. Why? Students study and communicate with each other, which results in a higher level of understanding than that of students who study alone. When students work together to solve problems, they reinterpret ideas and concepts in alternative and unanticipated ways. This process improves learning for students at all levels.

At the same time, students learn to be part of team—a frequent expectation of future employers. Our own research here at IUPUI shows that we have experienced as high as a 60% increase in students receiving C or better grades compared to the past with students participating in traditional recitations.

Students who become peer leaders experience better performance in subsequent chemistry classes, and better performance on standardized tests. Learn more about workshop leaders.

The C105 Workshops are two-hour active-learning sessions in which students in the course will practice doing challenging problems collaboratively. Chemistry content, communication skills and good teamwork practices will be emphasized in these peer-led sessions and students will be expected to be active participants. Learn more about the C105 Workshops.