Chemistry Bachelor of Science: Medicinal Chemistry Option

student in labThe drug discovery process requires teamwork with input from disciplines such as chemistry, biochemistry, biology, pharmacology and computing. Medicinal chemistry is an integral part of this process, providing the vital link between therapeutic target identification and the final development of a drug for the treatment or prevention of a disease. The medicinal chemistry option provides a basic understanding of the key features of the rational design and development of new medicinal agents. The importance of close links between the biological, computational and chemical sciences will be highlighted.

This major is designed for students planning to attend medical, dental or pharmacy school, to do graduate work in medicinal chemistry or biochemistry, or to seek employment in industry.

Requirements & Course of Study

Details of all undergraduate degree requirements can be found in the IUPUI bulletin.

Research Experience

An exciting feature of the chemistry program is undergraduate research. Students may choose from an array of chemistry research options that allow them to work one-on-one with world renowned faculty in a laboratory environment - as early as the freshman year! Research students benefit from personal attention and excellent academic and career advising. Learn more.