PLTW Students and College Credit

Course Completion Certificate

Qualified PLTW Biomedical students will receive a letter certifying that they have completed the coursework. They will receive special college credit at IUPUI.

Fee: Currently, there is no fee for the credits associated with these courses for students who choose to enroll at IUPUI.


  • Student must have taken the PLTW Biomedical Science course (s) at a certified PLTW school and passed the End of Course (EOC) National Assessment Part A with a stanine score of 6 or higher.
  • Complete and submit application form:
    • Student must download and complete required portions of IUPUI application then submit to PLTW instructor.
    • PLTW instructor/High School must complete and submit  the form. Instructions may be found here.
    • Form may be submitted after completion of each course, or preferably during the senior year for all past courses on the same form.
    • Stanines of 6 or 7 are approximately equivalent to a B grade, and will be awarded an S at IUPUI for satisfactory completion; Stanines of 8 or 9 will be awarded an A at IUPUI.
  • Letters certifying course completion will be sent upon graduation. While information may be submitted to IUPUI each year, only one letter, certifying all courses completed, will be mailed upon graduation.
  • A sealed letter will also be included so that a student who attends a university/college outside of IUPUI or an IU affiliated school may present the letter to the Department of Biology Chair of the university/college of their choice for obtaining college credit. It will be up to that university/college or school to decide on whether or not to issue the college credit at that institution.
  • Qualified PLTW Biomedical students who matriculate to IUPUI will need to contact the IUPUI SPAN Division Office after the SECOND WEEK of classes during their FIRST semester at IUPUI to request the college credit be recorded on their transcript.  Special credit will be posted on the student's IU transcript at no further cost to the student.