Michael J. McLeish Ph.D.

Professor, Chemistry


B.Sc., (Honors), La Trobe University, Australia, 1978

Ph.D., La Trobe University, Australia, 1984

Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of California-Berkeley, 1983-1984

Teaching Assignments

C488 "Introduction to Medicinal & Agricultural Chemistry" (Fall); C489 "The Practice of Medicinal Chemistry" (Spring).

Current Research

My primary research interests lie in the broadly defined area of mechanistic enzymology. Two representative projects, which focus on distinctly different aspects of this field, are as follows:

Structure and function of the mandelate pathway enzymes.

This pathway, which permits a variety of pseudomonads to use the enantiomers of mandelic acid as sole carbon source, is thought to be a paradigm for the study of functional evolution. The known pathway comprises five enzymes, each of which utilizes quite different chemistry. We are using a combination X-ray crystallography, site-direct mutagenesis and mechanistic studies to understand the chemistry behind each of these enzymes. Armed with this knowledge we aim to use directed evolution to develop a new pathway, the lactate pathway. In the new pathway, instead of utilizing aromatic substrates, each enzyme will use the corresponding aliphatic substrate. In some instances the evolutionary process should be relatively simple, needing only minor changes in substrate specificity. In other cases the new enzyme may need to employ new chemistry.

Inhibition of the epinephrine synthesizing enzyme, phenylethanolamine N-methyltransferase (PNMT).
While the role of peripheral epinephrine (adrenaline) is reasonably well understood its role in the CNS is not so well defined. PNMT inhibitors could be used clarify its role, particularly in the central control of hypertension. Unfortunately it is hard to get a clear-cut picture of CNS epinephrine effects as most of the currently available inhibitors also interact with adrenoceptors. We are using a combination of QSAR methods, kinetic and mutagenic analysis as well as structure-based design to develop potent and specific PNMT inhibitors. Initially these will be used to delineate the role of CNS epinephrine but, ultimately, we hope they will be useful as antihypertensives with a novel mode of action.

Select Publications

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