Graduate Plan of Study

The Plan of Study is a course contract with the University. It includes the 500 and 600 level courses from the Chemistry Department (primary area) and courses from other departments (related areas) that the student intends to apply toward the degree. It does not include 698/699 credits but does include 599 (if applicable) and 695 credits. Plans of Study will not be accepted by the Graduate School until an official final transcript indicating the award of a Bachelors Degree is received.

The official Plan of Study should be filed by full time students prior to the end of the third semester. The Thesis Advisory Committee must sign the form indicating their approval. For part-time students, the Plan of Study must be submitted at least one semester prior to graduation; confer with the Graduate Advisor to establish the committee.

You must have a GPA of 3.00/4.00 for all courses you list on your Plan of Study. A grade of B- may be used on your Plan of Study; however, grades below B- are not allowed. You may be required to repeat any course in which you receive a grade of C+ or below.