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Master of Science

The Master of Science program in Chemistry, which awards a Purdue University degree, requires 30 credit hours of study beyond the baccalaureate level. It is designed for students seeking careers as professional chemists. Graduates of the program often choose industrial positions, but others enter Ph.D. programs in chemistry or related areas. Graduates have been placed in positions throughout the United States and abroad.

General Degree Options and Requirements

Specific area requirements (core courses) apply for course work. Courses from three of the following areas must be taken: analytical, biological, inorganic, organic, and physical. Typically, students take three courses in their primary area and two courses outside of it to meet these requirements.

M.S. Degree Requirements

The M.S. degree can be earned through any of three different options:

Thesis Option

This traditional full-time program requires 15 hours of course work, 2 hours of seminar and and 13 hours of thesis research. The research activity culminates in the completion and defense of a thesis. This option is available to full- or part-time students.

Nonthesis Option

The nonthesis option requires 30 hours of course work alone. Because research experience is essential in an advanced chemistry program, this option is recommended for part-time students only. Students in this option usually are employed full time and are engaged in research activity as part of their employment.

Industrial Co-op Program

This full-time program has the same requirements as the thesis option, but it includes industrial work experience in the Indianapolis area when such industrial positions become available. Learn more about this program.