Mission & History

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Knowledge and fruitful application of the principles of chemistry is essential in the modern world. The fundamental aspects of this science underlie recent and future advances in areas as diverse as life and health sciences, energy conversion, molecular devices, and quality of environment. Moreover, by virtue of our location in a major urban center, which is home to major pharmaceutical and related industries, the scholarly achievements and graduates of the IUPUI Department of Chemistry & Chemical Biology make a significant contribution to the intellectual health and economic growth and development of the city, the region, and the State of Indiana. Thus, it is appropriate to have the vision to prepare future scientists and professionals to make meaningful and consequential contributions to society. To do so requires an environment that nurtures student achievement and supports faculty efforts in creating educational opportunities and furthering the progress of science. In this way, our mission is (i) to nurture our students development and personal growth by offering the highest quality education in lecture and in laboratory and (ii) to provide an environment for faculty to intellectually prosper, to address issues and solve problems that benefit society, and to play a role in shaping the quality of our future scientists.

Chemistry@IUPUI: A Brief History

  • Faculty members have garnered respect and are recognized nationally and internationally for their accomplishments in research. The quotient of scholarly productivity to resources provided is very high. The publication, presentation, and external funding record of the faculty on a per capita basis perennially is above the average in the School of Science.
  • Existing research strengths within the Department and the focus areas of recent faculty hires are consistent with the Life Sciences mission of IUPUI. This strategic redirection is underscored by the recent change in name to the Department of Chemistry & Chemical Biology and by increased interdisciplinary collaborations with the School of Medicine and other campus units.
  • The Department has been creative and effective in improving the quality of instruction and its relevance to students of widely differing levels of preparation and time to devote to studies. Effective strategies such as the Peer Led Team Learning Program and the Chemistry Resource Center have been developed to accomplish instructional goals. Both options of the Bachelor of Science degree are accredited by the American Chemical Society.

The School of Science

At the IUPUI School of Science, we pride ourselves on our interdisciplinary approach, extensive undergraduate research opportunities, professional school placements, and service to our students. An education from the School of Science pays off: our students go on to top graduate programs, medical schools, and careers in academia, research, and the private sector.

The School of Science at IUPUI offers a strong foundation in the modern life sciences, while our students reap the benefits of IUPUI's location and research diversity. With nearly half of IUPUI's 2009 class of freshmen science majors heralding from the top ten percent of their high school class, our students, from undergraduate to postdoctoral candidates, have much to offer the IUPUI campus and Indianapolis community.


Situated in the heart of Indianapolis, IUPUI is an urban research and life and health sciences institution near five hospitals and the Indiana University schools of medicine, dentistry and nursing. IUPUI´s mission is to advance the State of Indiana and the intellectual growth of its citizens to the highest levels nationally and internationally through research and creative activity, teaching and learning, and civic engagement.