Archived Seminars & Colloquia


Title Speaker

Sep 28 2016 - 4:10pm

Monitoring enthalpic relaxation in polymeric materials at the Indianapolis Museum of Art via Modulated Differential Scanning Calorimetry

Sep 21 2016 - 4:10pm

Use of Luminescence Resonance Energy Transfer to Follow Movements of Protein Domains

Sep 14 2016 - 4:10pm

Supra Metal-Organic Frameworks that Display High Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Photocatalytic Activity for H2 Production

Aug 31 2016 - 4:10pm

"Chemistry Resources at IUPUI University Library"

May 11 2016 - 4:10pm

"Efficient green methanol synthesis from glycerol"

May 4 2016 - 4:10pm

"Toward Quantitative Understanding of How ABC-transporters Hydrolyze ATP: Development of the Reaction Path-Force Matching QM/MM Method"

Apr 27 2016 - 4:10pm

"Amatoxins and phallotoxins: Ribosomally-encoded cyclic peptides from mushrooms"

Apr 20 2016 - 4:10pm

"Discovery of Functional Ligands from Genetically-Encoded Libraries of peptide Derivatives"

Apr 6 2016 - 4:10pm

"From water to salt solutions, electronic structure free energies from adaptive force matching"

Mar 30 2016 - 4:10pm

"Single Molecule Spectroelectrochemistry of Redox Enzymes and Reactive Oxygen Species in Multi-Modal Nanostructures"